Noisy Planet, Inc. takes your privacy and security seriously, and we hope that our privacy policy will help you feel confident that you can enjoy every feature on our websites without having to worry about your personal data. Any data we collect during your visits to our sites is intended to:

Our privacy policy pertains only to those sites owned and operated by Noisy Planet, Inc., and does not apply to third party sites that may be linked to or from Noisy Planet sites.

Data Collection
We will collect data from you during the account registration process including your email address and various account preferences. As with most internet sites today, we will use cookies to track your web activity as well.

Data Sharing
Noisy Planet will not sell your data to any third party. If you click a link and go to a third party site, that party’s privacy policy will take effect and our policy will no longer apply to your web activity.

Managing Your Contact Preferences
You will have the ability to update your account and contact preferences on Noisy Planet sites at anytime. This includes opt-in and opt-out options by contact type. For instance, you may opt-in to receiving marketing communications from third party vendors, and you can opt-in or opt-out of email communications and other contact types at any time. Noisy Planet will honor your right to choose how you prefer to be contacted and what type of material you are interested in receiving so long as you communicate these preferences to us by keeping your account up to date.

Contact Noisy Planet
You are welcome to contact us anytime with questions or to request changes to your contact preferences. Please write to us at

While our privacy policy establishes the privacy and security standards that govern data management practices at Noisy Planet, Inc., we cannot guarantee compliance with these standards due to circumstances beyond our control. Third party violations and malicious unlawful attacks by outside parties, such as hackers, remain a possibility and cannot be completely guarded against.

Full Disclosure
While Noisy Planet cannot completely guarantee perfect security, we maintain a full disclosure policy. In the unlikely event that a breech in privacy or security should occur, we will notify you in writing at the email or physical address on your account to report the incident to you and describe potential risks to your privacy data if any.