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Claim to Fame:: music placed in TV and websites

Mark Allan Wolfe (ASCAP) Wolfies Music (ASCAP) has always had the ability to convey musically what he sees and feels spiritually. With one ear to the ground, the other to the sky, always observing humanity with laughter and a smile, Mark Allan Wolfe delivers some of the most profound and prophetic music from an unknown artist in years Discovering music at an early age, with a wide range of tastes but always sharing the common thread of being emotionally and spiritually deep and musically adventurous. Mark Allan immersed himself in various styles of the electric and acoustic guitar - from alternate tunings, fingerstyle, the inventive guitar arrangements of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, to the musings of Jimmy Page and the David Gilmour. He moved on to discover the legends of Progressive rock — Yes, Pink Floyd, and RUSH. Building on years of careful listening, he began crafting his own songs. Past influences in music tend to bind the foundation of a musician's creative energy, but Mark Allan Wolfe's musical personality is simply too overwhelming to succumb to simple mimicry. Mark's music makes evident this songwriter's real distinction from many other musicians currently rotating on the airwaves. Mark Allan Wolfe manages to nod to the past, without ever steering hard into it. His respect for influence consistently defers to his uniquely evolved songwriting talent and sound. Teaching himself guitar and piano from songbooks and the radio He started writing songs. Mark Allan has spent years recording and composing while also working with local musicians at various locals across the USA. In spring 2000, He began performing throughout the South and the Mid-West as a worship leader and a solo acoustical act. This time in His life taught Mark the rigors of the road life and the joys of performing for all types of audiences. Mark's music explores human relationships - the failed attempts at connecting with others and God to the everyday activities that make up our lives and our identity. His lyrics usually are a statement of what He believes about God and His personal relationships and love for all people. With lyrics about his love for his wife and family values to themes about the human condition. Mark is so genuine and sweetly convincing that one is continually surprised to discover a stiletto's edge revealed a little more with each listening. His lyrical sense of metaphor and his sheer musicality weaves throughout his guitar arrangements, riding the beat, abruptly stunning the listener with a well-placed turn of barely resolved cadence, or a sudden dissonance that appears and passes through each song like a dark cloud. What I think I like the most about the music of Mark Allan Wolfe is the mystery that is Wolfie as his friends call him. He is an artist in the truest sense of the word, his music is strong and sincere, but with a level of complexity and depth that will beg the listener to place the disk back in the cd drive time and time again. His Film and TV compositions are strong, thought-provoking and “the kind of melody's that will melt your stereo” They have won his fans across the globe. Combining heart throbbing rock and roll and the latest electronica. Mark’s songs reflect his passion for beats, baselines and acoustic guitar. He has recorded and performed for nearly 20 years. Drawing fans from all walks of life. He now lives in Florida and has his own full production studio where he creates the melody. Mark Allan Wolfe has 400 plus songs now that he has created. He has had numerous music placed across the web in corporate websites and personal Blogs as well as various Film and TV productions in the USA and Canada. His superb songs have grown on all who have listened to him and has had many of people finding themselves singing his lyrics. Mark Allan Wolfe's various websites includes MP3 samples of all the tracks from his journey through this life, plus photos, blogs and mailing list. Every one of his songs He creates are powerful and passionate in subject. Their ability to convey a multitude of emotions is essential and they never disappoint! As far as his music goes, Mark is both creative and very adaptable. Mark has a different style and approach, but the results are the same—his vision is marvelously realized in the music. If you could merely provide a sentence of a scene description, Mark can run with it. What he comes back with can score an entire film to encompass that scene. Amazing.


Hello everyone thank you for stopping by I would like to encourage you to visit which is my home site. I am also currently a music supervisor for my music publishing company. My music has been placed in a variety of tv commercials and films and the list keeps on growing. If you would like to know more about how to get your music into tv commercials please send me a note. Here is a small list of places where my music has been heard, Brands like Coke, Budlight,ATT, COKE ZERO,DIET Coke, WAL MART, McDonalds, CHEVY, Best Buy and many others. I am very humbled to have my music getting so much exposure and it is all because of YOU guys. THANK YOU

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