Jonie Blinman & Red Car Slow


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Member Since: 2009

Claim to Fame:: Song "Georgia" Finalist in Harrah's "search for the stars" songwriting competition

The story starts with a friend needing $100 bucks. Who could have foreseen that old Fender Acoustic/Electric Jonie pawned off a friend would be the catalyst to many stuck in your head, catchy, heart-felt songs, adored by friends and fans all around the world.

Jonie’s growing success was evident when she became a finalist in Harrah's "Search for the Stars" singer/songwriter competition in Reno, NV, and her music was featured in an independent film, “Less Like Me” by, Gift For Fiction Entertainment within her first years of writing songs. Through her travels Jonie has shared the stage with many songwriting greats. Some of which include: Amber Rubarth, Lizzy Loeb, John Craigie, Caroline Aiken, Blair Hansen, Lacey Mattison, Eric Himan, Brandon Clark, Raina Rose, and American Idols’, Kimberley Locke. You can catch her music played on radio waves globally on S.C.A.D. Radio, Ruby Fruit Radio, The Get Up Rotation, and most recently on Radioseagull in the UK.

Jonie has now joined forces with accomplished musicians: Kristin Pitman on violin, Jeff Nicholson on Drums, Ford Corl on Bass, and Ryan James on Piano. Together they call themselves, “The Muckrakers”.

“My songs are about LIFE, and all that fits in-between: love, loss, joy, hurt, triumph, failures and victories...LIFE is my biggest influence. its about the human condition, and being human. I refuse to put myself in a box by labeling myself with a genre, but I encourage you to listen for yourselves. What counts is how it makes you feel. And if my songs make you feel at all, I have accomplished a small part of what I have set out to do.” Love,-Jonie

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