FROM: TN Knoxville

DAY JOBS: Musician Full Time

Member Since: 2008

Claim to Fame:: These Adult Bones

  • Noisy Planet
  • Noisy Planet
Alt/Rock band with a definite twist! Known for their ability to put on a great show performing a strong set from the first down beat to the last scream, Vertigo is always able to connect with the crowd and bring them to their feet. Passionate, energetic, and eminently likable, front woman Lindsey Stamey is an absolutely awe-inspiring vocalist and entertainer. Fans will experience the journey from hard-driving rock beats to a more ethereal and melodic vibe.

Having shared the stage with acts such as Flyleaf and The Gin Blossoms, 10 Years and Shiny Toy Guns, Vertigo has the experience and ability to deliver performances that never fail to please.

Vertigo is a rare blend of musicianship at its finest, and entertainment at its most compelling.

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