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Troy (Troy Heidelberg, 29) & Will (William Robinson, 28) have come a long way since first knowing that they were destined to proclaim God's word through song. Both Troy and Will started out singing R&B using the gifts God gave them for the wrong reasons. Then something happened, the nights began to get lonelier, the roads began to get darker and their souls became emptier as if something was missing. Something was missing, the Holy Spirit moved within them and it was then that they both knew that God wanted them to acknowledge him in all that they did. They also realized that they were coming up short by following their worldly ambitions.

In the summer of 2005 Will moved to Sacramento with his family by way of Southern California and joined St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, where Dr. Ephraim Williams is the Pastor. Troy had been a member of St. Paul his entire life and when the two met while playing basketball at The Dr. Ephraim Williams Family Life Center their lives changed forever. "We had so much in common," says Troy, "We both had a desire to sing and we both were on fire for Christ!" So the two began to work on gospel music together, first with the group SACrifice and then the Lord moved them from that group to form the gospel duo now simply known as "Troy & Will."

What makes Troy & Will so different from other gospel acts that are already out or trying break into the industry is that there aren’t too many Gospel duos on the scene, most gospel acts out are solo, quartets, or mass choirs but you rarely do you see a male gospel duo. Secondly, Troy & Will have a cross-over appeal and look that is very marketable. Last and certainly not least is Troy & Will’s music is ground breaking and opening up a whole new genre of music.

Troy & Will have carved out their own lane to become pioneers in the new “R&G” Rhythm and Gospel Movement proving that you don’t always need a choir or an organ to get your praise on. The new R&G movement will help bring God’s word to the young adult market that is saturated with everything but gospel music. Troy & Will are on a mission in the name of Jesus to bridge the gap between young adults and “seasoned” adults by offering another alternative to traditional gospel.

Troy & Will have found that many young adults tend to not be as interested in the traditional gospel sound because it does not move or appeal to them as much as the “secular” music sound does. As a result many young adults tend to gravitate towards what “sounds good” but their souls are left empty because they are not being fed with proper “spiritual soul food.” The new R&G movement offers an appealing sound and at the same time feeds souls with lyrics of substance that can teach and lead individuals to Christ. R&G says that you don’t have to be in the club to have a good time, instead you can have a good time in fellowship dancing like David danced before the Lord.

While Troy & Will don’t know what lies ahead in their future they’re sure as long as they are obedient to the Lord things will most assuredly work out for the best.

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