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Member Since: 2010

Claim to Fame:: PMB won a 2009 MTV VMA for Best Bay Area Breakout Artist. Female fronted hard rock band who at 16 years old have already played at Warped Tour SF '09, Pac Sun Tour 09, Projekt Rev, '08. We mix hard melodic rock music w/ pop vocals to create an onslaught o

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Layla Brooklyn Allman – Singer/Synth/High Screams

Nick Loiacono – Guitar/FaceExploding

Austin Dunn – Bass/Medium Screams

Connor Lung – Drums/Low Screams

Winners of the 2009 MTV Video Music Award for “Best Breakout Bay Area Artist” the evocative, intense music of Northern California-based Picture Me Broken consistently garners new fans and accolades everywhere they play. With the advent of the “new” model of the music industry, PMB are trailblazing a revolutionary model for young, emerging bands that is as unique as their “melodic, screamo” musical style. Seizing every available opportunity both live and online to expose new fans to their amazing music, PMB proves that real, powerful and handmade music is still what makes young fans respond.

This ferocious foursome of 16-year olds (yes… 16-year-olds) have already played over 100 live shows including such legendary venues as San Francisco’s Fillmore and Los Angeles’ Whisky A-Go-Go and regional opening slots for Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution in 2008 and 2009 Warped Tour.

Produced by Aaron Hellman and Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold) PMB is regularly a featured on the music and social networking site Pure Volume (www.purevolume.com) which has been credited with helping the careers of platinum bands like My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. PMB’s explosive title track from their debut EP, “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)” was a #1 Download and Top Song on the site for 9 days straight! Recently, two additional tracks were added and immediately, the band shot back up to #1!!

“No Effing Way This Band is 16 Years Old!.” shouts the headline on music weekly, The Spectrum. Picture Me Broken’s lead singer Layla Brooklyn Allman; lead guitarist Nick Loiacono; bassist Austin Dunn and drummer Connor Lung may be High School Juniors, but they blast through all expectations and rock (and write killer songs) like veterans twice their age. Indeed, fans of all ages are stunned when they realize how young these intensely talented and dedicated musicians really are.

Proving that musical talent and brash attitude is hereditary -- Layla’s dad is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Gregg Allman from the legendary Allman Brothers Band. A cool point of reference, sure, but it’s a good bet that the kids digging on PMB’s unique, visionary mix of screamo elements (inspired by some of the members’ post hardcore/screamo influences like blessthefall and Escape The Fate) and infectious melodies probably never heard of Layla’s famous father.

But there’s no looking to famous fathers to break PMB. The band relies on pure emotion, songwriting and their very deep connection with young fans who realistically are their peers age-wise. “Because most screamo bands just scream and don’t write real songs that people can sing along to and connect with emotionally,” says Layla. “Our writing style is progressing so quickly. We’re evolving with extreme speed, constantly trying to figure out who we are. Lyrically, the Dearest (I’m So Sorry) EP is very symbolic of situations in my life, featuring characters with stories that parallel my adventures.”

From a group of 12-year-olds playing classic rock covers to a non-compromising, tightly knit foursome with incredible original music and a proven live performance track record and ever-growing fan base - -not only will Picture Me Broken rewrite the roadmap for “breaking a baby band” but they will be influencing the the next generation of young musicians with their songs.

The EP is available on iTunes & Amazon MP3.


Management Contact: Shelby Blackburn or Dan Nash: pmb@justgreatmanagement.com


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