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Maryland’s Hotspur is a next level band of five named after the rash and hotheaded Shakespearian villain—and they’re blazing a fast trail to success after releasing their second album. Singer/songwriter Joe Mach and keyboard player Dave Trichter formed the band at University of Maryland, citing the sophisticated songwriting and dynamic live performances of bands such as The Killers and Muse as inspiration for their aggressive yet deliberate approach to songwriting. They intended to continue the evolution of rock n’ roll, into “grandiose vocals and crunchy guitars, infused with intricate piano work and hip-hop inspired synthesizers.”

The success of their first album Beta took them a long way down that road, and garnered immediate attention where it counts. Eight of the album’s 10 songs landed on MTV programs and garnered Hotspur a spot on Warped Tour 2007. Since releasing that album they have gone on to tour extensively on the buzz it created, and prove themselves time and time again on the stage. Mach and Trichter’s band were joined early on by Scott Robinson (drums) and Dave “Coop” Cooper (bass), and after teaming up with guitarist Evan Anderson in late 2008 the group of five has gone on to record and release a second album, to an equally incredible reception.

The second full-length, entitled You Should Know Better By Now, made an immediate impression with its dynamic single, “Chandelier.” The music video won the nationwide fan vote on mtvU’s “The Freshmen” in October 2009, defeating competition from major-label artists across several genres of music. This landed them a place in mtvU's regular rotation for this fall.

Deemed “Buzzworthy” by MTV, Hotspur is enjoying strong support from a number of East Coast radio stations, as well as Fox Television. The band has been on tour since the album's July release, supporting such major-label artists as Boys Like Girls and Metro Station. They are headed for a December run with recent RCA-signees, 2 AM Club, as the tour continues into 2010—further solidifying Hotspur’s place as a front runner in next year’s industry.

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