Groovitational Pull

FROM: WI Oshkosh


Member Since: 2009

  • Noisy Planet
Groovitational Pull is fairly easy to identify, but not so easy to label. By mixing reggae with rock, jazz, and funk, Groovitational Pull has spawned a new generation of feel-good music lovers. With players originating from all over the midwest, this Wisconsin-based group has made a name for themselves and continue to astonish audiences with their high-energy performances. The group always tries to bring new music to the listeners with their dynamic original songs and flavorful covers. "Whether it’s laid back reggae or up-tempo funk, we want to feel good playing it, and also bring something new to the crowd," says drummer Brett Miller. With the impact of front-man Caleb Nordhaugen’s bold trumpet and the multi-toned guitar flair of Kevin Israel, Groovitatonal Pull delivers an amazingly upbeat and entertaining performance that draws a crowd at every show, whether it includes returning fans, or newcomers who are drawn in by the energy on stage( the Groovitational Pull). The group has won UW Oshkosh and UW Eau Claire’s battle of the bands and is soon to perform at Summerfest in Milwaukee to promote their debut album, Flavor Grenade. This group is a smash hit at colleges campuses! Front-man Caleb Nordhaugen is one of the best vocal performers in the world. Be sure to keep your eye out for their brand of Reggae/Rock fusion that can start and keep a body groovin' the whole night long. You have to see it to believe it!

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