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Days of Season got their start in May 2010. Fuma, current guitarist, was helping a friend line up musicians for a new band.

In March 2010, Fuma started playing with John, an up and coming drummer out of Yonkers, NY. In late April, they held auditions for a vocalist and in walked Lu. Within the first week of rehearsals they replaced the original guitarist with Fuma and Days of Season was born.

Fuma and John's rock and punk backgrounds merge with Lu's soulful vocals to create their unique pop rock sound.

In just two months, they wrote their debut album: Turning Point. They recorded it in late September at Mercy Sound in Manhattan. In October, they produced their first official music video for their single "Full of It." It was directed by Respect Films and stars Julia Falamas, Daniel Kenner, and Rob Peralta from American Pinup on bass.

Since then they have been gearing up for the duel self-release of their debut album and first official music video set for release December 2010. Check em out!

New DOS EP "A New Day" available now!!

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