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FROM: France


Member Since: 2009

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Influenced by the likes of Björk, Coco Rosie or even Serge Gainsbourg, Bix Medard points towards 'la nouvelle chanson française' in an electro-gothic, down-beat style. Early 2008, Peter Clasen, leader of electronic band Neven and Bix, were asked to perform during a fashion show by Y-Dress. Soon they worked on more songs. Bix Medard was born. The electronics and new-wave-influenced bassplaying by Peter Clasen are combined with the sweet soft voice and organic flute playing of Bix. Momentary based in Brussels, the very chaotic capital of Europe, Bix worked all over the place. Painting, performance art, writing poetry, Bix worked in Oslo, Kyoto and Paris, amongst others. Her lyrics reflect the contradictions and plurality of today’s society, a multicultural, contemporary and digital world.

14 songs to be filed under "pop", with extra tags such as psychedelic, minimal, new-wave, gothic, post-punk, trip-hop, chanson and down-beat. Kitch but never ridiculous. The overall sound of the CD is retro vintage. Psychedelic echo’s from the sixties, monophonic synths from the seventies, typical drum machines and effects from the eighties. And yet all elements, voice, flute, bass, and electronics remain organic. The first self-titled CD was released in February 2009 on Altaïr Musik. In april 2009 the album reached #32 in the CMJ charts (College radio USA). During the summer Bix Medard worked on the remixesthat were used during the latest Y-Dress? fashionshows. These remixes bring out the more electrodance feeling in the Bix Medard tunes. Also, some new songs were recorded. All is set now, for a release in november 2009; the new and second Bix Medard CD; "Y-dress?".

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