Andrew Barrett

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Andrew Barrett was born into a musical family in New York City in 1987. As a toddler, frequent trips to the Central Park Carousel led to an interest in band organs and later orchestrions and other automatic musical instruments and a taste for the turn of the century tunes they played. Like many toddlers, Andrew began playing on pots and pans at home until his parents mercifully bought him his first drum set. He discovered the washboard as a musical instrument soon after this. His family moved to Costa Mesa, California in 1996. At the age of 11, Andrew began weekly piano lessons with a local instructor, Anita Gillett. During his first year of study he began to play the ragtime music that he enjoys. This has led to an interest in novelty, stride, and rhythm piano and works by such composers as Paul Pratt, Harry C. Thompson, Charley Straight, Roy Bargy, the great tone poet Eastwood Lane, and the phenomenal pianist Donald Lambert. Andrew continues to play the drums and washboard with his mentor, soprano saxophonist George Probert. He is a student at Orange Coast College. He has composed several peices, "Frequent Flyer Rag," "Elastic-march and two-step" and "You're Too Cranky" being outstanding examples. Andrew began attending the Rose Leaf Ragtime Club in Pasadena a few years ago, and is now a regular performer/attendee. He also attends the Orange County Ragtime Society in Fullerton. This is his sixth RagFest appearance.

Hello folks! Over the years I have tried to cultivate an authentic ragtime style. If you ask who my influences are, I could give you a whole laundry list of names, but for right now, let me just name a few really good 'teens and 'twenties players whose music you should check out: Charley Straight, Pete Wendling, Frank Banta, Jimmy Blythe, Clarence Johnson, Edythe Baker, and J. Russel Robinson. These people are a good starting place to find out where I'm coming from. I haven't even begun to list the real early ragtimers, and that includes just about everybody. Of course my new rags and more "modern" stylings are informed from a variety of sources, including modern ragtime composers Fred Hoeptner, David Thomas Roberts, and Tom Brier; and also more modern styles of music such as jazz and rock. Mr. Keith Taylor has also inspired me to push the envelope a little bit, which you will hear on my version of "Crazy Bone Rag".

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