A Guy and a Girl


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DAY JOBS: Film Industry

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The lives of four old friends intersect one night after one of them comes back into town to rekindle the past with his ex-girlfriend...or does he?


Jackson Johnson: Derrick

Sarah Lynn Dawson: Sonja

Eric Gorlow: Adam

Marlene McCohen: Zoey


Christopher Shaffer - A Noisy Planet favorite, Shaffer has collectively gathered his artistic influences and abilities to create a fusion of genres. Noise for the absorption of a jazzy, electro trip hop, and drum-n-bass ear that breaks away from conventional musical trends is what audiences can enjoy. He is an accomplished writer/arranger/producer, and his sonic landscapes are easily paired with visual arts.

Fear Called Living - A trip-hop band formed in 2005 in the Bronx, NY, consisting of keyboardist/producer Menyu Perez, singer/songwriter Desiree L'amour, and producer/multi-instrumentalist J Kingz. The group accompanies raw storytelling lyrics and profound visual images with gritty melodies to create a very dark and somber sound that strays heavily from the mainstream. Their debut album, "Other Days" was released in May 2007.

The Projects - A trip-hip and soul band from York, UK, off the British-based Koosh Records label. The dreamy, soulful voice of Jen Low, combined with the groovy, jazzy elements provided by producer/multi-instrumentalist Jools Slater, producer/programmer Jason Brown, and the rest of the drum and bass lines, make for a fresh and funky sound that is difficult to ignore. Truly a refreshing change of pace from the more commercial bubble-gum pop heard in many music circles today.

To check out our other websites see; www.fearcalledliving.com, www.jamwave.com/degenerate, www.kooshrecords.co.uk/tv/index.html

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