FROM: NJ Trenton–Ewing

DAY JOBS: Banker/Finance

Member Since: 2009

Claim to Fame:: Underground Music Awards best group or duo

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The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes a Trilogy: as a series of three dramas or literary or musical compositions that are closely related and develop one theme. We feel that this is the only way to describe these three multi talented individuals who have transcended lifes obstacles to unite and create a level of musical genius that the world has been longing for.

When you experience life’s hardships, disappointments and struggles, you have a tendency to depend on elements you believe are truly important as an individual. Three elements which have been key in the lives of these three extraordinary individuals are Love, Life and Loyalty.

Rita Tyler, an R & B phenom and talented songwriter, will have you travel back in time and experience music in the manner it was meant to be appreciated. This songstress, who has the voice of an angel, has experienced many of life’s hardships but has utilized them to her advantage by expressing her feelings through song. Rita Tyler is Love.

OxPro, a true student to hip-hop and music as a whole, is constantly studying the art in an effort to enhance and perfect his craft. This emcee utilizes his life’s experiences and disappointments in a positive light by incorporating them into his lyrics. In an industry where art is supposed to imitate life, OxPro takes his real life experiences and translates them into true poetry. OxPro is Life.

Jay-Will is the consummate artist. Always raising the bar with his musical performances, be it his hard-hitting production, his energetic rap vocals or his soulful singing. Jay-Will intertwines his real life experiences with his never ending love for music by always putting all of his heart and soul behind every performance giving his all for the listener. Jay-Will is “Loyalty”

When you unite Love, Life and Loyalty the result is three unique stories which comprise this phenomenal Hip-Hop and R & B juggernaut. Starr Media Group is proud to present to you TRILLOGY. The next level of music.

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