Sampak GusUran Poem Orchestra

FROM: Indonesia

DAY JOBS: Journalist

Member Since: 2008

Claim to Fame:: hit song, won contest

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Sampak GusUran is a poem orchestra. We called our group 'poem orchestra' because since the beginning we interpreted and orchestrated Anis Sholeh Ba'asyin poems into musical compositions. This is our way to bring this art closer to people.

By our 'poem orchestra' we wish to voice our concern about social, culture, spiritual, environmental and human problem in our country and also in the world. We not only play music or sing a song, but first of all –with our own way- we try to send a message about love, peace, brotherhood and justice; against all destructive, oppressed and dehumanize powers who rule what we call the 'modern world'.

The name 'sampak' is taken from the 'gamelan' music rhythm type in Javanesse puppet performances called 'wayang' usually worn to accompany a war scene. Medium GusUran, in fact can be read as game form writing from gusuran word, which in Indonesian vocabulary mean 'peripheral'. Also, Uran word reads as the plural form 'uro-uro' or croon in Javanesse.

In music, we try to dynamically translate and permeate the spirit and also composition of ethnical and traditional music -especially from Indonesia- and morph it into a new musical mosaic growing in present day.

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